What is MTG Bangkok?

MTG Bangkok is an online web service for magic player to sell/buy MTG singles. We also provide content based around the hobby game that we loved.

Our goal is to be your one-stop location for comparing prices and purchasing your MTG products.

What do I have to do to sell cards?

To start selling cards, you just have to create an account at www.mtgbangkok.com/register

For more information on selling cards, take a look at our "Selling Guide"

Are there any fees for selling cards?

There are currently no fees for selling cards. There will eventually be a commission charge for selling cards, but we don’t anticipate that happening for at least a year. Even then, the fee will be small.

Is it complicated to sell cards?

No, we try to make our process very simple. You just have to input how many of a card you have and then input a price. We have numerous ways to update your inventory. After that, there’s nothing else to do until someone buys your card. You’ll get an email notification about that and you just have to get your cards to the customer within 6 days. A little bit after that, you will receive your money from us.

We believe our system is intuitive so give it a try first. A video on how to sell cards should come out soon.

As a seller, how am I protected?

Some of the worst-case scenario for a seller is that you sent the cards and the buyer claims he or she did not receive it. Thus, it is best that you keep the tracking number for at least a month after sending the cards. MTGB will mediate between the two parties to work out a solution. If you cannot prove you sent the cards, we will automatically side with the buyer.

If we can prove you sent the card and we cannot find a resolution, we will refund the buyer for you at our expense. You will be protected as long as you can show you sent the cards.

How do I buy cards?

To buy cards, just do a search for the card. If there are cards available for sale, they will show up. Click add to cart and that’s it!

How do I pay for items?

Right now, the only method for payment is bank transfer. We have SCB, TMB, and KBank. Instructions will be included during checkout. In the future, we will have options to pay by credit cards too.

As a buyer, how am I protected?

If you buy cards and they are not in the condition specified, you can get a refund from the seller. MTGB will pay the shipping cost so that both buyers and sellers do not lose out on that.

If cards never arrived, we will ask the seller for the tracking number. If it shows cards were delivered, we will try to find out what happened. If we still cannot find the cards, we will refund you the money. We understand that these things happen, but if it happens too often with the same buyer, we reserve the rights to ban a user from using our service.

How do I contact you guys?

You can reach us at [email protected].