Image Name Set Rarity Cards Available
Abolish Prophecy U 0
Aura Fracture Prophecy C 0
Avatar of Hope Prophecy R 0
Blessed Wind Prophecy R 0
Celestial Convergence Prophecy R 0
Diving Griffin Prophecy C 0
Entangler Prophecy U 0
Excise Prophecy C 0
Flowering Field Prophecy U 0
Glittering Lion Prophecy U 0
Glittering Lynx Prophecy C 0
Jeweled Spirit Prophecy R 0
Mageta the Lion Prophecy R 0
Mageta's Boon Prophecy C 0
Mercenary Informer Prophecy R 0
Mine Bearer Prophecy C 0
Mirror Strike Prophecy U 0
Reveille Squad Prophecy U 0
Rhystic Circle Prophecy C 0
Rhystic Shield Prophecy C 0
Samite Sanctuary Prophecy R 0
Sheltering Prayers Prophecy R 0
Shield Dancer Prophecy U 0
Soul Charmer Prophecy C 0
Sword Dancer Prophecy U 0
Trenching Steed Prophecy C 0
Troubled Healer Prophecy C 0
Alexi, Zephyr Mage Prophecy R 0
Alexi's Cloak Prophecy C 0
Avatar of Will Prophecy R 0
Coastal Hornclaw Prophecy C 0
Denying Wind Prophecy R 0
Excavation Prophecy U 0
Foil Prophecy U 0
Gulf Squid Prophecy C 0
Hazy Homunculus Prophecy C 0
Heightened Awareness Prophecy R 0
Mana Vapors Prophecy U 0
Overburden Prophecy R 4
Psychic Theft Prophecy R 0
Quicksilver Wall Prophecy U 0
Rethink Prophecy C 0
Rhystic Deluge Prophecy C 0
Rhystic Scrying Prophecy U 0
Rhystic Study Prophecy C 4
Ribbon Snake Prophecy C 0
Shrouded Serpent Prophecy R 0
Spiketail Drake Prophecy U 0
Spiketail Hatchling Prophecy C 0
Stormwatch Eagle Prophecy C 0
Sunken Field Prophecy U 0
Troublesome Spirit Prophecy R 0
Windscouter Prophecy U 0
Withdraw Prophecy C 0
Agent of Shauku Prophecy C 0
Avatar of Woe Prophecy R 0
Bog Elemental Prophecy R 0
Bog Glider Prophecy C 0
Chilling Apparition Prophecy U 0
Coffin Puppets Prophecy R 0
Death Charmer Prophecy C 0
Despoil Prophecy C 0
Endbringer's Revel Prophecy U 0
Fen Stalker Prophecy C 0
Flay Prophecy C 0
Greel, Mind Raker Prophecy R 0
Greel's Caress Prophecy C 0
Infernal Genesis Prophecy R 0
Nakaya Shade Prophecy U 0
Noxious Field Prophecy U 0
Outbreak Prophecy U 0
Pit Raptor Prophecy U 0
Plague Fiend Prophecy C 0
Plague Wind Prophecy R 1
Rebel Informer Prophecy R 0
Rhystic Syphon Prophecy U 0
Rhystic Tutor Prophecy R 0
Soul Strings Prophecy C 0
Steal Strength Prophecy C 0
Wall of Vipers Prophecy U 0
Whipstitched Zombie Prophecy C 0
Avatar of Fury Prophecy R 0
Barbed Field Prophecy U 0
Branded Brawlers Prophecy C 0
Brutal Suppression Prophecy U 0
Citadel of Pain Prophecy U 0
Devastate Prophecy C 0
Fault Riders Prophecy C 0
Fickle Efreet Prophecy R 0
Flameshot Prophecy U 0
Inflame Prophecy C 0
Keldon Arsonist Prophecy U 0
Keldon Berserker Prophecy C 0
Keldon Firebombers Prophecy R 0
Latulla, Keldon Overseer Prophecy R 0
Latulla's Orders Prophecy C 0
Lesser Gargadon Prophecy U 0
Panic Attack Prophecy C 0
Rhystic Lightning Prophecy C 0
Ridgeline Rager Prophecy C 0
Scoria Cat Prophecy U 0
Search for Survivors Prophecy R 0
Searing Wind Prophecy R 0
Spur Grappler Prophecy C 0
Task Mage Assembly Prophecy R 0
Veteran Brawlers Prophecy R 0
Whip Sergeant Prophecy U 0
Zerapa Minotaur Prophecy C 0
Avatar of Might Prophecy R 0
Calming Verse Prophecy C 0
Darba Prophecy U 0
Dual Nature Prophecy R 0
Elephant Resurgence Prophecy R 0
Forgotten Harvest Prophecy R 0
Jolrael, Empress of Beasts Prophecy R 0
Jolrael's Favor Prophecy C 0
Living Terrain Prophecy U 0
Marsh Boa Prophecy C 0
Mungha Wurm Prophecy R 0
Pygmy Razorback Prophecy C 0
Rib Cage Spider Prophecy C 0
Root Cage Prophecy U 0
Silt Crawler Prophecy C 0
Snag Prophecy U 0
Spitting Spider Prophecy U 0
Spore Frog Prophecy C 0
Squirrel Wrangler Prophecy R 0
Thresher Beast Prophecy C 0
Thrive Prophecy C 0
Verdant Field Prophecy U 0
Vintara Elephant Prophecy C 0
Vintara Snapper Prophecy U 0
Vitalizing Wind Prophecy R 0
Wild Might Prophecy C 0
Wing Storm Prophecy U 0
Chimeric Idol Prophecy U 0
Copper-Leaf Angel Prophecy R 0
Hollow Warrior Prophecy U 0
Keldon Battlewagon Prophecy R 0
Well of Discovery Prophecy R 0
Well of Life Prophecy U 0
Rhystic Cave Prophecy U 0
Wintermoon Mesa Prophecy R 0